Prime Culture

At Prime Inc., our people make the difference. Throughout our history, we have remained committed to fostering a positive family work environment for all of our dedicated associates. That steadfast commitment is what makes Prime a leader in our industry.

Putting Our Values into Action Every Day

At Prime, our mission is to prosper while providing excellent service to our customers. Our policy is to do our best, do what’s right and treat others the way you want to be treated. Our core values, listed below, are the guiding principles that keep us delivering consistency in performance year in and year out.


We believe our independent contractors and employees are truly team members, and we call them associates. We will respect all associates as members of our Prime family. To ensure quality people, capable of near perfect performance, we will select associates very carefully.


Finding, serving and keeping customers guarantees our existence.


We will use our abilities and resources to protect the environment. We are responsible citizens of the beautiful planet Earth.


Our goal is to be the best. We will strive for total quality and continuous improvement.


We will provide a work environment that is enjoyable. We will select associates, vendors and customers that we can get along with and enjoy.


We will seek growth and challenge for our company and associates, while maintaining security and stability.


Productivity improvement is the only true way to increase earnings for our company and associates.


To remain free and provide security for our company and associates, we must earn a profit.


We will operate safely. We will not exchange the safety of an associate or the public for economic gain.


We will provide quality service that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements. We offer 24/7 support, which is not common with trucking companies.


We will share with our associates fairly based on their contribution to our prosperity.


We will use cost effective technology to improve our productivity to the mutual benefit of our company, associates and customers.


We will price our service at rates that are a true value to our customers. We will purchase products and services that possess the best value by producing the most benefit for the least total cost over time, and not necessarily at the lowest price.

Company Events

From rewarding outstanding performance to just having some fun together, Prime hosts numerous events throughout the year for our drivers and non-driving associates.

Christmas Party

Stakeholders Dinner

Driver Safety Meeting

Prime Picnic

Night of the Millionaires

Instructor and Trainer Banquet

10-Year Dinner

15-Year Dinner

Highway Diamond Gala

Easter Egg Hunt

Santa Claus Visit

Leadership Team

At Prime Inc., our commitment to our associates starts at the top. Meet the leaders who guide the implementation of our core values day in and day out.

Company History

Starting with our humble beginnings in 1970, Prime Inc. has grown from a single-truck operation to one of America’s leading logistics organizations. Explore our history and trace Prime’s path to success through the years.

Giving Back to Our Community

Prime’s core values extend to serving the communities where we do business. We are proud to support the following organizations in all of the work they do.